Our talent concept

Employee concept: moral priority, job matching, due diligence, teamwork.。

Moral priority: the first character, the ability to second standard of appointment, "there is no virtue, its virtue available, virtuous, it should be reused, talented no virtue, it was difficult to use."

Job matching: each post has its own professional requirements, suitable for people on the right place is the talent, in order to give full play to his role.

Dedication: a high degree of responsibility for the work, life - integrity; work - serious, dedicated, innovative, the pursuit of excellence.

Recruitment clerk:

     1, responsible for the development of corporate strategy customers;

     2, with the company to carry out the activities, including exhibitions, technical exchanges, etc., through activities to meet potential customers, to explore the project;

     3, to deal with specific membrane structure project;

     4, the leadership of the other sales related work.
Recruitment Marketing Clerk:

           1, marketing related professional, with more than one year sales experience;

     2, skilled use of commonly used office software, understanding of CAD, a basic drawing capacity;

      3, the front desk daily reception work, leadership and coordination with other departments of the work;

     4, management files, address book and other documents, staff attendance statistics and out of staff management;

     5, work seriously responsible, with team spirit, a high degree of responsibility and patience;

      6, have a good language skills and communication skills.