Membrane structure characteristics

Environmental protection, safety, energy saving, economy, art, we have been trying for you!

• Artistic: the designer's imagination to the extreme, to break the pure form of traditional architectural forms.

• Economy: Compared with the traditional architectural form, the membrane structure of the building to save a considerable objective cost of construction, especially in the short duration, large span of space which is more economical.

• Self-cleaning: membrane construction with a protective coating of the membrane, the building can have a good self-cleaning effect, while ensuring the service life of the building.

• Large span: This membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in span (unsupported) construction, creating a huge unobstructed objective space.

• Seismic resistance: The prestressing of the membrane structure makes the building film with dimensional stability, not only its own drainage is smooth, but also able to resist wind, snow, earthquakes and unfavorable loads.

• Short construction period: membrane structure of all membrane materials processing and production are completed in the dust-free workshop, greatly reducing the site construction period.