Membrane structure


What is the membrane structure?

The membrane structure, also known as the fabric structure, is a new architectural form developed in the middle of the twentieth century, and its development has led to a new concept of construction; it is a variety of high-strength thin film materials and auxiliary structure through The overall prestressing mode causes a certain pre-tension in the interior and forms a spatial form under stress control as a spatial structure that covers the structure or building body and has sufficient rigidity to resist external loads.

As a new type of building structure, professionalism is also strong, so the architect in determining the construction program, often have a strange feeling, and because the membrane structure of the strong visual effects and special shape, often become the focus of the building , So as a membrane structure of the professional company, in contact with the architects in the process, especially the initial stage of the program, it is necessary to fully cooperate with the architect, a detailed understanding of the architect's design concept, and put forward professional, targeted views, Especially through the following aspects, and fully communicate with the architect, do the designer's assistant.