National Stadium of 2008 Olympic Games

  National Stadium (Bird's Nest)of 2008 Olympic Games 

Membrane Area: 100000㎡, 2008.

  Award of Excellence of Year 2008 by IFAI.

  LuBan Prize (national high quality project)

  National Stadium lies in Olympic Sports Centre of Beijing, it is the main conference hall of 2008 Olympic Games. National Stadium membrane structure project is built by a combo who is made up of Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Company limited and Germany covertex GmbH Company. The roof projection of National Stadium is oval, the prolate axis is 333m, the minor axis is 290m, the top is smooth saddle curved surface. Stadium roof is similar to the ellipse, which is formed by two oval line segments and two arc line segments.

  The roof structure consists of roof protection membrane and membrane of acoustic ceiling. Roof protection membrane is single-layered ETFE membrane material, which is made up of 1024 unites ,with total area of 42000㎡.They are on parts of the smooth roof and roof solid corner, with the largest unit area of 250㎡ and the smallest unit area of 5㎡. Membrane of acoustic ceiling is single-layered PTFE membrane, which consists of lower membrane of acoustic ceiling, stand membrane of acoustic ceiling and inner ring membrane of acoustic ceiling. They are made up of 1044 unites ,with total area of 53000㎡, hung under the lower main truss and roof secondary structure(lower membrane of acoustic ceiling) and extending down from the back of upper stand. The opening roof of the inner ring truss surface adopts waterproof PTFE membrane(inner ring membrane of acoustic ceiling)



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