Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center Stadium

  Membrane Area: 71000㎡, 2006.

  Outstanding Achievement Awards of Year 2007 by IFAI.

  The Gold Medal awarded by CASS.

  The Model Excellent Project in Guangdong Province of Year 2007.

    Foshan century lotus sports center stadium lies in Foshan city Shunde district, can accommodate 36000 audiences , with a construction area of 123125 , the total cost of membrane structure is about 86 million RMB. The roofing shape of the stadium is circle-ring , the diameter of the outer ring is 310 m and of its inner is 125 m, membrane coverage is 53421 , outspreading area is about 71000 . Designers: GMP Germany (membrane structure consultant : SBP ), Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology; Design and installing cooperators: Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Company limited; Prestressing force is controlled by: Beijing Research and Technology Institute of Architecture structure; Promoted wholly by: Mechanical Construction Company of Beijing.

  The roofing system of the membrane structure is composed of three parts: the steel structure system, cable system and membrane system. The main steel structure system consists of upper-pressed ring, lower-pressed ring and belly pole (connecting the upper and lower pressed rings), they are distributed in the outer of the lane. Cable system consists of ridge cable, valley cable, center radial cable, inner draw ring cable, appending cable, membrane supporting cable and furcation cable. Inner draw ring cable linked with steel structure system through ridge cable, valley cable and furcation cable to form stable cable-net system, which makes the special integral prestressing force system, cooperating with cables to control displacement of membrane structure.   Membrane system is made up of 80 membrane units, every 2 form a roof unit and membrane material adopt PVC membrane material, each membrane unit has area about 890 , weight about 1 ton. Unit boundaries are connected with steel structure’s belly pole, ridge cable, furcation cable and valley cable respectively. The whole roof membrane structure makes the best of integral bearing capacity of structure foundation and brings the mechanics efficiency of material to full play.

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